Hidden Gems of Sauvie Island

Hidden Gems of Sauvie Island

As spring peeks its head out from the blanket of winter, Portlanders will undoubtedly be looking to embrace the out-of-doors at Sauvie Island. Already famous (notorious, even) for its various beaches, there are some lesser known gems definitely worth exploring on our Columbia River island. Did you know Sauvie Island is one of the biggest river islands in the country? A friendly word of caution: always make sure you know where you’re planning on parking and that you’ve paid for the privilege. Parking enforcement is ever vigilant. Passes can be purchased in the country store, just after you cross the bridge onto the island.

Douglas Farm – This fantastic farm has operated on the island since the 1940s and you can drive by one of the original work trucks on your way in. Touted by locals as the best place to pick peaches, this u-pick farm offers access to fresh produce, free-range eggs and 100% natural local honey. Stop in for some delicious goodness!
15330 NW Sauvie Island Rd. Portland, OR 97231

Cistus Nursery – Gardening enthusiasts will especially love this nursery, but the amazing variety of flora can serve as an impromptu nature stroll. Their experts are available for consultations that could transform even the smallest balcony into a thriving sanctuary. Take something green home with you or gather ideas and then take advantage of their convenient mail order shipping.
22711 NW Gillihan Rd. Portland, OR 97231

Sauvie Island Wildlife Area – If you’re looking for a serene stroll through protected land, the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area is an ideal destination. Courteous picnickers are invited to dine amidst the diverse wildlife population. Spring is the perfect time to catch songbirds at play in the boughs, while various waterfowl (including sandhill cranes) are still active. Lucky guests may even spot a majestic bald eagle. Those seeking a more active outdoor adventure will be happy to find fishing, hiking, trapshooting, canoeing and even dog training all available here.
18330 NW Sauvie Island Rd. Portland, OR 97231

Sneak Peek – SW Bohmann

SW Bohmann Pkwy: mid $400k range

This gorgeous daylight ranch is nestled in a serene Raleigh Hills sanctuary, brimming with the verdant greenery and local wildlife of Fanno Creek. The expansive, tiered back deck is ideal for outdoor entertaining and relaxation.

Inside, pristine hardwood floors stretch throughout the home’s open floor plan, providing an elegant ambiance and a connected living experience. Downstairs, the beautifully-finished daylight basement is spacious and inviting.

Situated between two golf courses, in convenient proximity to community tennis courts, an outdoor pool and abundance of parks and trails, this home enjoys the best of city living in a country setting.

Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2.1
Square Feet: 3,076
Year Built: 1960

Maximize Your Home’s Tax Value

If you haven’t done your taxes yet, it’s not because you’ve been procrastinating. You were strategically waiting to make sure you leveraged maximum return value from your property by embracing this helpful list. Whether you already own a home or are planning on one in the future, these thrilling tax tips can mean money in your pocket.

#1 – Mortgage Interest Deductions: In most cases, the vast majority of mortgage payments for the first ten years are covering interest. What’s fantastic about interest payments? They’re tax deductible. If the conditions are right, you might just be able to jump down into that lower tax bracket.

#2 – Property Tax Deductions: Don’t forget that your property taxes likely qualify as deductions as well! These can be easily overlooked if your taxes and insurance are already included in your monthly mortgage payment.

#3 – Capital Gain Exclusions: Did you sell your house for a profit this year? It’s possible you could shelter $250,000 to $500,000 of profit as a capital gain exclusion. If you’d like to learn more, here’s a helpful article.

Friendly Disclaimer: This information is provided as a helpful starting point. If you require tax advice, please contact a tax attorney or CPA.

If you find yourself talking to a tax professional to help you accurately prepare your taxes to your best advantage, here are some other potentially lucrative topics to bring up:

Home Improvement Loan Interest Deduction
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Deduction
Mortgage Points/Origination Deduction
Energy Efficiency Upgrades/Repairs Deduction
Real Estate Selling Cost Deduction
Home Office Deduction
Loan Forgiveness Deduction

Success Story – 2126 SE 60th

- 2126 SE 60th Ave. -

Another TrueView success story here. The essence of this home was beautifully captured and conveyed to the buying public, fetching a record price for the neighborhood. In its four short days on the market, the home secured five offers, one accepted back-up offer, with two more buyers ready to step in immediately. The sellers were thrilled by the outcome, having experienced the advantage of having top-notch M agent representation, backed by the best marketing in town!

Home Details

This delightful ranch stands proudly in Southeast Portland, just moments away from Mt. Tabor and Clinton Parks, as well as a multitude of coffee shops and restaurants. A tidy lawn and neat landscaping welcome guests to the home, while around back a fenced deck offers a private area for relaxation or entertaining.

Inside, the living areas flow naturally into one another, amply lit by an abundance of windows and skylights. A brick outlined gas fireplace is featured in the living room, radiating warmth and luxury, while the vaulted ceiling in the family room opens the space. Charming cabinetry accents the sleek flooring in the kitchen and dining room, where the connected space offers a more intimate meal experience.

With meticulously maintained one level living in a great location, this home boasts an ideal blend of grace and practicality– you will love living here!


Staging Your Occupied Home

Selling your home? Get it ready – Get it sold!

Preparing your home for the market shouldn’t be stressful or involve renovating every room. The most important things are getting the interior and exterior ready for potential buyers to see themselves living there. The first week on the market is the most critical as most active buyers will see your home on-line and perhaps also during the open house. Being well prepared from the start, and spending the time needed getting your home ready could be the best investment of your life. Statistics prove that a well prepared home spends 50% less time on the market and sells for a higher price.

Interior Designer Staci Byers of Ready to Sell PDX specializes in preparing owner occupied homes for a successful listing. Staci’s goal is to ensure clients’ homes are presented as best as possible from day one by enhancing curb appeal, creating cohesiveness and flow in the home, and adjusting interior colors of the home for optimal appeal.

The services offered are a la carte and can be tailored to suit the customers’ needs. After a thorough consultation both inside and outside the home, the homeowners will know just what they need to do to get the home ready for the market. If you are tight on time or simply want some help, Staci can manage the project from beginning to end to ensure your home is Ready to Sell.

Please visit www.ReadytoSellPDX.com for more information on services.

Staci Byers


Sneak Peek – SE Crosswater Way

14753 SE Crosswater Way: approx. $350,000

Perched majestically in the peaceful city of Clackamas, this traditional home is in close proximity to several parks and the Clackamas River. Beautiful and easily maintained landscaping decorates the facade, while around back the fully fenced yard and sprawling lawn are excellent for entertaining and relaxing.

An inviting entryway greets visitors, ushering them into the spacious, connected floorplan. The home boasts hardwood floors on the main level, while the second level’s plush carpeting keeps the bedrooms feeling cozy. A classic fireplace radiates warmth in the living room. Nearby in the kitchen, granite countertops punctuate the warm alder cabinets, while a charming pantry door provides excellent storage space.

This home features the ideal blend of practicality and style.

Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 2.5
Square Feet: 2,384
Year Built: 2010

Success Story – Summerlake

This Summerlake home received wonderfully positive results on the market, with a frenzy of buyer attention right from the start. It is a true example of how an exceptional marketing campaign made of professional quality elements was a success story for the sellers.

Obviously, it helps to start with a beautiful home. TrueView marketing captured all of its desirable details, including the exceptional interior remodel, the new dining room addition, and the view of Summerlake. Once we captured the “story” of the home and the surrounding property, we shared this to the world through our marketing channels of print media, online exposure, and social networks.

This marketing resulted in four offers within the first three days, followed by an additional two offers shortly thereafter. Every offer was equal to or above the asking price. At the Open House, there were over 35 groups of prospective buyers through the home. And our website analytics showed detailed viewings by almost 1600 buyers. Just the digital Super Flyer had 1200 views alone! It was clear that prospective buyers fell in love with the home!


Eventually the home sold for $25,000 over the asking price!


The sales process was not without some challenges along the way, requiring additional time and investigation. Yet with professional advice based on hard data from qualified contractors, we were able to overcome the concerns about both the septic system and the FEMA flood zone designation. By the end of escrow, both of these concerns were eliminated through successful negotiation and professional inspections.


The powerful pairing of an experienced agent and M Realty’s media team resulted in quite the success story!


Your Options in Our Extreme Market

Right now, we find ourselves in an unprecedented seller’s market. Demand is overwhelming supply. This means well-presented homes are poised to fetch top dollar amidst the buying frenzy, with multiple offers becoming common in many areas of town.

The key to maximizing the proceeds from a sale is to get the property in the best possible condition (that might include staging the home), then presenting the home beautifully to the world through my amazing TrueView program.

But this fiercely seller-favoring market actually has people afraid to sell (which partially accounts for the current lack of inventory). After all, most successful sellers immediately become buyers.

If you’re considering selling and then buying in the Portland area, then there are options to get that done.

Contingent Offer – Make an attractive offer on a new home that is contingent upon the sale of your current home.

Sell Your Home Contingent on Finding Your Next Home – Put your current property up for sale and accept offers subject to your finding a replacement property.

Finance Your New Home, Then Sell Your Current Home – You may be in a position to purchase your new home before you’ve sold your existing home.

Bridge Loan – Secure a loan specifically targeted at helping transition between your current home loan in the new one.

Temporary Housing – Sell your current home and move into a short-term rental home, furnished apartment, extended stay hotel or a friend or family member’s home while you buy your new property.

I would love to help assess your needs and craft your ideal real estate strategy for this market. I have relationships with mortgage professionals and bankers that can help me evaluate which options are best for you.

Now is the perfect time for us to discuss your real estate plans. Contact me at your convenience and we can get started!

Portland Goes Green in the Seventies – Our Home History

When we conjure up images of the 1973 Energy Crisis, we typically imagine hitchhiking businessmen and lines at the gas pump longer than those outside downtown’s latest nameless nightclub on a Friday night. But this energy crisis also shaped new home construction in key ways beyond shag carpeting and mirrored closet doors. We became more green.

The previous decade’s lavish vaulted ceilings gave way to more modest dwelling dimensions, shrinking square-footage for the sake of energy efficiency. This sudden shift in our reliance on cheap and limitless power cropped our confidence, breathing life into several more cost-cutting construction strategies that would continue for the entire life of the home.

Awnings become popular window coverings, proven to drop ambient home temperatures between ten and twenty degrees in the summer, while still ushering in that precious, low-angled winter sun.

The ranch home felt its last warm architectural embrace as we clung to it for its uncomplicated, slim-profile roof. Fewer flourishes meant fewer opportunities for leaks and thus, more economical repair and maintenance.

While our green tendencies stemmed from financial necessity than the more future-thinking globally noble ideals we claim today, the way we design homes now is paralleled most closely by the 1970s. Modern residential energy consumption today has dipped back down to levels they were when bell bottoms were in fashion (barring a few brief and arguably unfortunate resurgences). This may seem counter-intuitive, considering forty years of advancements in energy efficiency, but the average modern home boasts a footprint half again the size of its 1970s counterpart. Additionally, we walk around covered in technology that charges while we sleep. And the smart money says your plasma television draws more power than even a deluxe turntable. If you’re seeking a more detailed breakdown of modern energy consumption versus the 1970s, check out this helpful article by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

All told, homes of this era are enjoying a renaissance in Portland. Everyone appreciates greener living (even the hardy cork floors of the decade were harvested from sustainable living trees) and baby boomers often enjoy the single-level stair-free residences of the era. As much as we pat ourselves on the backs for our contemporary earth-conscious energy habits, it’s important to remember they began over forty years ago.

< Left Photo | The freshly completed Fremont Bridge opened on November 15,1973. The raising of its center span earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the heaviest lift ever completed.

2013 TrueView Market Recap

The Portland Metro area recovered in earnest in 2013. The momentum from 2012 carried over, with the five key indicators on the M TrueView market reports trending strongly positive. Median and average prices for homes are very near their all time high values, and continuing in a robust upward direction.

One of the most optimistic signs is that the number of units sold is significantly higher this year, indicating healthy demand. If there is one area for concern, it is the limited number of homes for sale. We currently sit at the lowest point since we started tracking this number in 2005, and it is still trending down.

Comparing the 4th quarter of 2013 with previous years, we see the home prices pushing all-time highs and homes selling in a relatively quick 48 days on market. The one red marker is the supply of homes for sale, at all-time low. This is generally seen as positive for sellers, driving pricing recovery. However, with supply so constrained, it presents difficulty for buyers who are ready and willing, but cannot find their desired property. This has a potentially negative effect on sellers themselves, preventing some from listing for fear of not finding another home that will fit their needs.

Quick Take Away - Seller’s Market

Supply vs. Demand*

The historical supply and demand graph clearly shows the severely constrained supply relative to previous years. The second graph is absorption rate: simply the ratio of homes for sale versus homes actually sold. The sustained absorption rate of over 20% is driving appreciation.

Median & Average Prices*

The median price in green has reached historic highs as of the 4th quarter of 2013, driven by the increase in demand and constrained supply.

Conclusion: Pricing recovery has occurred throughout the metro area as a whole (some areas to historic highs while others still lag). The recent appreciation has been due to a simultaneous increase in buyers and decrease in number of sellers.

Sellers: The market conditions are in your favor.

Buyers: Buying can be more difficult. However, buying at the beginning of the cycle of market recovery provides strong upside potential.

Sell & Buy: Selling an existing home and buying another can be challenging, especially if you are staying in the same area. However, not all metro areas are moving at the same rate. High-yield opportunities exists for selling in one of the hot eastside neighborhoods and then buying in a westside neighborhood that is still lagging behind.

If you have any questions about the market in your area or are considering buying or selling, please feel free to reach out to me.

*Data compiled from Portland Metro Region as defined by HomeQuest map boundary. Individual property data source from RMLS and calculated by M Realty. Total units for year. Average monthly number. Monthly average for quarter indicated.

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